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What is IV Vitamin C

Based in the Gold Coast Hinterland, in the beautiful region of Natural Bridge, just one or two hours from Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales, the  "Natural Bridge Medical Centre" has been offering Vitamin C Infusion treatments to help patients in their fight against various forms of cancer.

Back in the 1970s, renowned researchers Cameron and Pauling demonstrated that vitamin C helped cancer patients live significantly longer and better lives than comparable patients who had not been treated with vitamin C.  One of the most significant findings was the observation that patients given high doses had the most likelihood of successfully overcoming their illness.  The high dosage involved could only be administered intravenously as opposed to orally, because of the limitation of the gut to absorb Vitamin C in high concentration throughout the body.

While oral vitamin C in the form of tablets or supplements is proven to boost immunity and tissue repair, there simply isn't enough to kill or inhibit cancer cells. However high doses delivered directly into the bloodstream, have been shown to increase levels of hydrogen peroxide deep in the tissues where cancer cells reside. Peroxide-mediated killing is one of the mechanisms for fighting cancer.

At Natural Bridge Medical Centre, IV vitamin C is administered by Dr Margaret Buring.  Dr Buring has assisted hundreds of patients and is ideally placed to advise you if IV Vitamin C is suitable for your unique condition.  

Vitamin C infusions are safe and well-tolerated, even at high doses. Given the high dosages, it is essential that strict protocols are followed to ensure success.  Frequent blood testing is done to ensure that the infusion is being accepted and the patient is responding appropriately. 

Administration of the IV vitamin C program is done in conjunction with the treating doctors and based on the underlying condition.  The good news is that Vitamin C can be administered before and after cancer treatments, and in conjunction with ongoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

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