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Vitamin C Infusions

Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy 
We here at the Natural Bridge Medical Centre are proud to offer intravenous vitamin c infusions for those suffering from chronic illness and diseases such as cancer.

Not only does it help with the above, but if you feel you need a boost to your immunity, or have a cold you just can't shake, Vitamin C can help!

If you would like an alternative treatment or something to complement your current regimen, we're the place to call. You can book in a fully bulk billed consultation with Dr. Buring to assess your needs today.

With Dr. Buring's extensive experience with the Australian Red Cross, you can be assured you're in the best and most expert hands whenever you visit for an infusion. Take control, get the energy you need today!

Why Vitamin C is Essential to Human Health

  • Essential for the efficient processing of all food and nutrients 
  • Builds effective immune resistance to viruses such as Colds, Flu and Ross River 
  • Increases oxygen in the blood stream and activates more efficient metabolism.
  • Slows and stops infections in the body such as lesions, cuts, abscesses and sore throats.
  • Essential for the production of collagen and for the growth of hair, bones, skin, cartilage, and connective tissue in the heart.
  • Essential in recovery from heart disease or stroke.
  • Essential for tissue regeneration from aging and after accidents and major or minor surgical procedures.
  • Essential for dealing with stress.
  • Highly effective in reducing the side-effects of long distance air travel.
  • Essential for combatting or eliminating decay, abscesses in the mouth or recovery from dental procedures.
  • Essential in the efficient take-up of prescription medication.
  • Eliminates heavy metal poisons in the body including lead and mercury.
  • Significantly reduces the side-effects while smoking and recovery of the body after quitting.
  • Highly effective in reducing the long term effects of drinking alcohol.
  • Highly effective in boosting immunity of cancer patients before chemotherapy or radiation therapy and aiding recovery post-treatment.
Provides energy and better metabolises the results of fitness and high exertion exercise programs, aiding both performance and recovery.

Human beings do not produce their own Vitamin C, and must consume it daily. It is best sourced from fresh fruit and vegetables, but is most efficiently consumed using high-grade oral powder or by intravenous infusions.

Stress dramatically increases the draw on reserves of Vitamin C and lowers a person’s immunity from sickness or infection.

Vitamin C is harmless to take with very minor side-effects.

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