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Medical Centre Closure

To all our wonderful clients. Unfortunately we have had to close Natural Bridge Medical Centre.
Dr Margaret has retired from the practice. We wish Margaret all the best and thank her for all her work.
We hope this will be a temporary situation as we look to find an alternative doctor and reorganise the practice.
For Dr Margaret’s patients or for those wishing to access their medical files please call 0427 393 630.

IVC in Cancer

" takes much more than logic and clear-cut demonstrations to overcome the inertia and dogma of established thought." — Irving Stone

Click on the link to learn more -  /userfiles//IVC in Cancer .pdf

Three quarters of your doctor's bill is because of this

Huffington post gets real about the effects stress has on our lives, referencing Peter Schnall’s Unhealthy Work. Stress is a key factor in five out of the six leading causes of death – cancer, heart disease, stroke, accidents, lower respiratory disease. Read more to get the full scoop.

TIME magazine on stress reaches back in time to a wonderful article by TIME magazine discussing the idea of ‘contemporary stress’ and how it is more pervasive, persistent and insidious due to it being psychological rather than physical. Read more.

Vitamin C - Stress Buster

Want a way to alleviate the stress in your lives? Look no further than Vitamin C! Psychology Today shares recent and past studies into the effects Vitamin C can have on stress levels. A German study subjected 120 people to a stressful public speaking task…read more 


Vitamin C Cures Pneumonia

Robert F. Cathcart, MD, successfully treated pneumonia with up to 200,000 milligrams of vitamin C daily. (1,2) One can, to a significant extent, simulate an IV of vitamin C by taking it by mouth very, very often. When I had pneumonia, it took 2,000 mg of vitamin C every six minutes to get me to saturation (bowel tolerance). In three hours, fever was reduced several degrees and coughing virtually stopped. At an oral daily dose of just over 100,000 mg, complete recovery took just a few more

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