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Immune Support using IV Vitamin C

Based in Natural Bridge, located between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Natural Bridge Medical Centre offer intravenous or IV Vitamin C infusions to help improve your body's immune system.  
The benefits of Vitamin C infusions have been well documented and for patients of Natural Bridge Medical Centre, Dr Margaret Buring provides patients with bulk billed consultations to determine your Vitamin C requirements.

What about supplement tablets

Whilst Vitamin C can be taken orally, the benefit of the dosage regardless of the size or quantity, is restricted by the capacity of the gut to absorb and distribute the nutrients.  Irrespective of the quantity taken the value of the input will always be determined by your body.
IV or intravenous Vitamin C therapy, is an immune enhancement procedure that delivers high doses of Vitamin C into the patient’s circulatory system.  By administering the nutrients directly into the bloodstream, the patient is given a large dose that provides an instant therapeutic response by correcting any deficiencies that may exist within the body. 

Boosting performance and recovery

By maintaining high and functional energy levels, the patient enjoys a boost to their immune system and is able to recover from debilitating chronic conditions, such as fatigue, depression and sleep apnea.
Whilst IV Vitamin C therapy helps patients maintain their health, many athletes use IV vitamin C therapy during their training. IV therapy enhances their immune system and assists the athletes in recovering muscles, joints, and organs after intense training or competition. 
It's not just athletes that benefit from IV Vitamin C treatments.  Busy workers, professionals, parents and students all suffer from stress and pressure. Very often they are not aware of how run down they are and of the deterioration in their overall health. Therapy is highly recommended for those busy patients that fail to regularly prepare a nutritious meal or allow their body time to absorb all of the beneficial minerals and vitamins with their food.
IV Vitamin C therapy greatly helps to improve patient's immune system by fighting off potential viral illnesses, boosting circulation and enhancing their metabolism.
At Natural Bridge Medial Centre, Dr Margaret Buring will talk to you about your individual symptoms and requirements.  Dr Buring will offer a treatment that is specially prepared for you and then monitor the impact of the treatment to ensure maximum benefit.

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