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Dr Tim Bajraszewshki


Dr Tim is a very experienced and highly trained General Practitioner with over 37 years of experience in medical practice. After graduating from Melbourne University he trained at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and then at the Royal Children’s Hospital. Tim then entered general practice working in a number of clinics including with Dr Vicki Kotsirilos, who wrote the standard reference textbook; Integrative and Complimentary Medicine.

Along with his vast experience in integrative and nutritional medicine Tim is an accomplished Medical Acupuncturist having trained through the Australian Medical Acupuncture College and in China, at the Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Tim has been practicing acupuncture for 25 years.

Tim is a fellow at the Royal College of General Practitioners, the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and the Australian Integrative Medical Association and is a member of the Medical Acupuncture College. Tim was a board member with Australian Integrative Medical Association (1990-97) and was a lecturer and medical educator with the RACGP.

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For more information on integrative medicine contact the National Institute on Integrative Medicine. 

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